Sandstorm damage in buildings and caves

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I take sandstorm damage when inside constructions (closed doors, no windows) and even when deep within caves. Despite being indoors, the icon shows I have no or minimum shelter. This happens every time there is a storm and this is the third building I have constructed. The only safe place is to stand in front of the furnace.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Hi @Snagfang!

Let us call my answer a
Sandstorm survival starting pack (no TM or ® ment, someone please correct me If I missed someting)
NOTE: what follows is a combination of personal experience and many suggestions and explanations on this forum.

  • caves do NOT provide shelter against a storm
  • Being near door frame, stairs or few build combinations will not (always) offer “full shelter” even if structure is fully enclosed. I guess you already noticed that you are protected by storm only if in “full shelter”.
  • look around your base to find “sweet spots”. Obviously one of those is near furnace as you mention.
    -when appropriate level, make yourself a Sandstorm mask. Equip its whenever a storm hits, and you can literally disregard anything said above.
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It’s important to understand how Exiles works out shelter, to figure out if you have a bug or not - while it may seem to you that you are (or should be) protected, the game may not agree.

As @Meo said, caves cannot be relied upon - and nor can anything else, really. Simply put, Conan Exiles is scanning a few blocks distance around your character, to see what is there - if it finds a wall, or a foundation, or a roof, these all have a ‘score’ which adds to your shelter. Once the scores are totalled up (and weighted towards the lowest scores) it figures out if you are protected or not, and displays it as a shelter percentage in the UI.

Now, importantly, this has issues - if you are fully inside a building, but too far from a solid wall and/or roof - or (annoyingly) too close to a wall, or if terrain clips through the walls or floor, the game might think you have no protection at all.

So, as Meo pointed out, it really is a case of finding the spots that you know work, and returning to them, until you have a sandstorm mask. In short: small buildings tend to work best, as long as they are not too small (3x3 seems perfect in my tests, almost anywhere inside except right against the walls).

Good luck.

Hey @Snagfang, are you using any mods?

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