Keep losing health at Northern Base?

Hello community!
I keep loosing health and get “extremely cold” at F11 where my base is located(the frozen lake).

My whole armor set is: Pride of Aesir.

This started happening after I picked up some entertainer thralls from the Jungle.
It has not been like this before, until I picked up the thralls.
Now… My health keeps dropping and eventually I die. Why?

Any ideas?
Any thought or tips appreciated. Thank you.

I have noticed that the weather seems to be more extreme than it was before, mainly in the hot and cold temperatures, I get heatstroke or frostbite a lot faster now. I have a base not far from where you are and I’m fine as long as I stay in my base but as soon as I walk out the gate I get frostbite or it jumps to extremely cold. I don’t think it has anything to do with the Thralls , probably something that was added recently.

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