How to build in Snow Area

I want to really build a base in the snow area, however I heard people logging off and dying in there base, blah blah blah, and I really want to know and if you can actually do it and live fine while logged off and how it is possible to do so.


T3 Black Ice uses insulated wood which increases the temperature of your base as well as torches and fireplaces.

I am not sure if heavy silent legion armor still gives the same temperature protection with 3.0 as before, you’ll have to test it. I think I read that all armor was changed though. However, if so, you can log out inside of a black ice base with it on and not worry.

Keep in mind that there are different temperature levels in the snowy areas. There are some areas that you can survive with basic gear and others where you have to be prepared with warming food while travelling.

Of consideration however, are you on PVE/PVE-C or PVP?

If you’re on PVP and intend on hiding using any light source it will give you away immediately.

Just put your stuff in a chest when logging off. You can always die no matter where you live.


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