Dying from temp changes while logged out

Speak calmly… Dont rage, Are yoiu joking,
I logged out after 5 hrs farming for Blackblood tools with rather a few on my person,
With my top armor, Reach O T R M, Torch from red mother, Preditory blade,

Onlyb to find when i log back in I have died ( while in My room ) From temp changes at 4am.

When i look it up it is another known bug that has been around for ever.

I cant even count how many hours gring that is, lost over another unfixed bug.

Probably the server restart that reset your perk boni (2nd vit perk).

You should have a chest at your log out position where you put all the stuff currently on you before logging out. This is very important for bases in the volcano and snow area.

Im in the jungle, And that is a workaround, for a bug,

Yes you are correct it is a work around but one that will save you the pain of losing items and mats. I understand the frustration but I have seen this kind of thing in other titles. Ark had a bug where your character would sometimes float up into the air and glitch through your ceiling until you logged in again, when you logged in you would either have been killed by a flying creature or player or as your character awakens they plummet to the ground and you are still greeted with the you are dead message, Atleast with the latter you could pick up your items from your body, but if someone had killed you in the sky while logged out you would lose anything.

It is from that that in every similar title including rust and conan I make sure to stash my inven in boxes before logging out. You never know what shenanigans may happen while your character is asleep. Seeing as it has been around for so long and still hasnt been fixed I would suggest getting into this habit ASAP.

I don’t believe this to be a bug, rather it is intended. If you were built in the jungle, you shouldn’t have died naturally to temp effects, did you have your furnaces running? What placeables did you have in your base?

That is only if OP has built his base in the wrong structure type for the climate he is in and he wasnt using the correct armour to combat the temps of the area he has built in, I am assuming that he is aware of how temp works in game and did take the necessary precautions to reduce his temperature in the jungle but still died regardless.

Jungle is a warm climate so he should ideally have built his base out of non insulated structure pieces and have been wearing sun protection/ heat protection armour.

Nothing running and my quarters are far away from all workstations anyway,
I have read several articles earlier which describe this as a often reported bug, so i dont know.

My home is built entirely of the Turanian DLC, And i was wearing Silent Legion armor.
As i changed out of my Cymmerian as it is too hot.once i leave the snow.
And i know i changed because my cym is in my chest.
And even if i hadnt, I often run around the desert and Unnamed city without any difficulty in Cym armor.


But just to confirm on top of those precautions, what structure type is your base built out of and what armor were you wearing?

Reason I ask about work tables is because heat that gets transferred from things like furnaces, smelters, campfires, witch fire torches, hanging DLC torches, and glowing torches all give off temperature effects. These effect go on forever vertically meaning you could be 100 foundations underneath or above where they are and they will still freeze or cook you to death.

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