Died because of temperature changes

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  1. Official server #1737 PVE on 2019-12-28 05:19:30:clock
  2. logged into server to find all my equipment that i had on me gone.
  3. I looked at the even log and noticed that it said " Lukridus(Beef stew) Died because of temperature changes.
  4. I was not logged into the world so how the heck did i die?
  5. Can i get back the legendary items that i had on me before logging off

On official servers, your body stays in the world after you log out. Furthermore, it’s subject to temperature effects, but the temperature resistances provided by armor don’t apply to it.

You can mitigate this by:

  • putting everything in a chest when you log off
  • using the proper building materials and placeables to manage the temperature

I have never seen Funcom reimburse a player, even when it’s a result of a bug (which this case isn’t). The most they have ever done is roll the whole server back when it was messed up by hackers.

So in short, you most likely can’t get back the legendary items from Funcom, but either other players can help you if your server community is nice, or you can get them back by playing the game.


I clicked “like” on CodeMage’s reply, not to say that I like what happened, but just that it is the right answer. Sorry for the loss of equipment :frowning:


I am confused by this reply since you seem to think that this is not a bug. This the first time this has happened and i have played this game since the launch. People have lives and can not play this game 24/7 so we must log off. Who wants to play a game you can not break without fear of loosing everything. Upon logging out I was in the same place i have been logging out, I have had the correct gear on to match the climate i was in and was in my base which gives me full shelter. I have been gone days at a time without dying, so this being a simple mistake on my part is not what happened here. Conan has always been a buggy game and there are always new things that happened all the time. This was just disappointing and i thank you for the reply, but it did little to help me.

It isn’t a bug,
@codemage is right your character is still in the game when you log out.

the thing that has changed is the weather is more prone to change now, an area that is just cold right now, could become very cold an hour from now, and freezing an hour after that.

@Codemage also suggested putting everything in a chest before you log out, very good advice.

I would suggest a hearth if you’re in the north,
and avoid building in the middle of the desert area in the south.

Armor is useless while you are offline, a good rule to follow is if the temp meter rises or drops when you remove your armor you should probably relocate your bed, if not the entire base.

always use the proper building material for the area.

I had recently this conversation with someone else who said “building mats don’t matter”
to test this, I replaced my entire base with the wrong material, and nearly died, and I was on line.

I know losing items stinks, but this is a survival game it’s all about losing ground and gaining it back.


The fact that your body stays in the world while you’re logged off is not a bug – the game even warns you about it on one of the warning screens.

As for the lgoic involving the temperature effects and the armor temperature resistance while you’re logged off, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a bug or not. It’s certainly inconsistent, but it has been in the game for a very long while now.

I’ve been playing since Early Access and it has happened to me several times until I realized what was going on and learned what to do to avoid losing my stuff. I honestly don’t remember how long ago that was, but that in itself can tell you that it was long enough that I don’t remember anymore :wink:

I’m sorry it didn’t help, but that’s how things are right now and how they have been for quite a while. Like I said, I don’t know if this behavior is a bug or intended, but a lot of us have had to learn that lesson a hard way. Since I don’t see any issue on the Conan Exiles Community Reports Trello board, I would assume that the dev team doesn’t consider it to be important enough. :man_shrugging:


That’s why I always ready the server settings before joining it. Look for servers that say character doesn’t remain in world while logged off.


One of the reasons I won’t ever play official servers again is that it is too easy to lose everything because of a simple mistake or a 7 day stretch of real life preventing you from logging in. I now just play my own dedicated server, which has no decay, no body remaining on logout or dropping items on death. It may seem like easy mode that way, but there are too many bugs or RL events that can make all our work vanish, except for the levels we earned.

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Thanks for your understanding Sirvink. I totally agree that little things like this shouldn’t happen and realized this game has had a lot of changes to it since it came out. Originally if you played PVE you did not loose anything on death and your body was removed from the world. I wish they would stop messing with the game and actually fix real bugs.

Hey Codemage.

I looked into this a little more and i am sure that i found the cause for this happening. It is pretty silly and probably should be address by DEVs, but i doubt it ever will. Here is what i believe happened. The died due to temperature could have been caused by the Fireplace. One of my clan mates placed a fireplace in the room we all log out in and this is mainly for decoration. On server reset that usually happen early in the morning the firepolace turns on. So if you are up store in flawless armor meant for cold and you log out to close the fireplace your temperature goes way up. I tried testing this and it looks like it was the cause, but no way to prove it 100%.

Also worth mentioning, heat or cold from a workstation or placeable goes up and down for several floors. So if you for instance start smelting iron etc and go up some floors to your bed, you will be affected by it if you are near the same grid as the furnace. At least, i died once by this before i realiced this could happen.

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