Died overnight whilst offline to temperature changes?

Game mode: [online
Region: [Here]

How can I die whilst offline from temperature changes? I’ve now lost all loot on my body as shown below (maybe not as I can’t upload images)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.not to die whilst inactive?

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Common problem but seems too be happening a lot more often than before since update … my log is often filled with the whole clan dying too hunger/thirst or temperature changes… do not log out with gear on

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played since the beginning of conan and never had a problem with it so i had all my gear always on my character. a month ago i died too while offline. dont know from what, had the same base for many month and logged out with the same gear, at the same position. many legendarys - even rare ones like breath of the red dragon, and reach of the red mother… everything gone…

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Yeah i really don’t understand it, I was in my usual spot for Idle same armour yet I die and loose so many sets of armour for my thralls. Reason I went idle is because the game crashed, joke.

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Yeah it’s frustrating… I feel your pain :slight_smile:

It only happens to me in the very hot or very cold environments. On server restart it does not acknowledge your wearing protective gear.

Hello @Bozzman, welcome to the forums!

You should be able to post screenshots now.

Regarding your death while being offline, there’s currently an issue with temperature bonuses not being correctly re-applied to offline characters after server restarts, this is being looked into and should be addressed in an upcoming patch.

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