Losing My Best Gear Again Due To No body

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Region: [ North America ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Pro]

Bug Description:

For the second time in a row in two weeks I have lost my best gear, stuff that I cannot replace that I brought from my old server to the new one, due to being disconnected then being killed by NPC’s while trying to load back in. I disconnected from the game, was murdered and when I returned to the spot of my death on the map I spent twenty minutes looking for my corpse which was not there, despite the map telling me and me arriving well within the time limit for decay, yet in my event viewer it says they decayed. They decayed because I could not find my body in time. I have put so much time and effort into this game only to be robbed of most of my things I worked for when I was transferred to another server, then I lose more stuff because there is simply no body to find. Is there any possible way I can get these items back as I feel I have lost them unfairly, I could accept if I didn’t get there in time to secure the loot but I went there as fast as I possibly could.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Try to farm thralls at an NPC camp.
  2. Disconnect from the game mid combat.
  3. Upon reconnecting find you are dead, upon travelling to the death site there is no body from which to collect the loot you had.
  4. The loot decays because you cannot physically find the corpse in time as it is not there.
  5. (etc) This is not the first time this has happened, it has happened now twice in two different locations at two different times.
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If you feel you have lost something unfairly, the only way I can see of retrieving it is to spawn it from the admin panel.

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My dear @Alhambra our friend @Mereel is playing on official server, this is impossible :wink:.
I know exactly the feeling m8, I have lost so many all these years that nothing matters anymore, but trust me I know exactly the feeling. Playing on ps4 right now causes more issues than other console players can see or understand. I had some solutions, buy external disc etc
… Yet I find it stupid to pay for ps4 gudgets since I can buy a ps5 :man_shrugging:. The point is that we still can’t. The market is still playing the rarity game which is handy for Sony too since they need no storaging to their product and they do not speed up their production, throwing the blame to others than them selfs. Ps5 console exists to sharks only. I ain’t gonna get to their teeth, I am not desperate… Yet :rofl::rofl::rofl:, you never know :wink:.
On topic again, I would suggest you to play more safe, since things in this console doesn’t seem to have a “future”.
Try to use bedrolls here and there, so if something goes wrong you’ll always have a fast reaction to your problem.
Know this…
Your decay timer, for your toon I mean is 30 min.
After your toon in decayed a loot bag will appear for 2 min.
Even if you won’t see your toon you will see the loot bag.
I wish this will never happen to you again, or you get used to it so you won’t care :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Plus I wish you to have a ps5 the soonest possible :+1:t6:.

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FunCom doesn’t replace items.

As a long time player, I know this feels really bad to have happen.
Back in early access there were no death markers, and if you could find your body at all you were lucky.

The thing we old timers do is, have back up gear ready.

I also know losing things to a disconnect especially hurts, but it is an on line survival game.
A survival game is by nature a game of set backs, and being on line means you will get disco sometimes.

Up until recently I was on a fiberoptic high speed network, I still got the occasional disconnect.

Sorry about your stuff.


Yeah, this is the case on all platforms. Your character appears in the world before the world loads for the player. On a fast platform with a fast connection this delay can be as short as a few seconds (rare tho that is). On slower platforms or with slower connections that delay can be from 30 seconds to several minutes. To make things worse enemies within range will aggro to your character before the world loads in for you AND for a bit after your client has crashed or lost connection. So if it’s a dangerous spot and you are without protection (from friends or thralls) yeah, it’s possible to die before the world is loaded in and you’re able to control the character.

On my PC (5600X*2080Ti) with a ping of about 50 to 100, the delay is usually about 10 to 15 seconds assuming the game is I/O cached. But on that same server and machine I have had crashes and disconnects where the delay was long enough for me to drowned and my grave appear on the ocean floor.

No spawn protection is definitely a design choice so maybe FC will address this at some point in the future.


It is a really big issue for old console users. A lot of complains in the Playstation bug section starts from huge timer loading screens. Even in pvp, most of the Playstation private servers forbid the spawn kill for this issue. To understand the difficulty that this problem creates to the player I will give you a small example.
I kill a small scorpio and I loot it. It gave me 12 feral flesh, so I split it and give half to @Marcospt. I go to the werewolf buy the potion and use it. Marcospt asked me are we going to take the religion? I said, no it’s just faster to go on Sepermeru. So he buys and use too.
After 3 seconds Marcospt is already there and I am still in the loading screen, not to forget that I used the potion 1 min before him.
I say to him use the exit and I’ll catch up. So he uses the exit go to Sepermeru and I am still in the loading screen for the first journey. He goes and do other things and after one min I am finally in the dungeon. He asks are you on Sepermeru, I say, no I just exit the dungeon, I am on the loading screen again. After 2 min I see my toon dead, drowned on the lake, ofcurce it’s a no bedroll challenge so I spawn in the desert :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
There for…
Most of the complains about spawn death starts from this performance issue. The experience is devastating sometimes it might lead you to rage quit. I know that the solution is… Buy ps5 (I am trying), or play on pc (I cannot afford 2k Euro right now for gaming). This problem exists years now, so I get used to it, however for new gamers this experience might lead to…
“this is trash, I quit the f… g game”.


That occasionally happens on PC too. Just not regularly like on PS2 or whatever… :stuck_out_tongue:

The good news for you in this particular case is that you do NOT need a 2K Euro PC to play Conan or even something actually heavy like Cyberpunk 2077. All you need is 4 cores running at 3.2 to 4.0 GHz, 8 to 16GB of moderate spected (1600 ~ 2400) RAM, and something like a 1080Ti.

For example I have an i7 870 CPU, 8 GB of 1600 RAM, a 1080Ti with an SSD boot drive and an big HDD. It runs CE at 1440p 60 almost all high settings just fine. And uncapped not actually too much slower than my 5600X/2080Ti/128GB 44000 RAM machine that I usually play on.

You don’t even have to be all that patient to get a 1080ti for under or about $200, a MB/CPU/RAM/Cooler kit for about $200 or even $100 if you go with an older CPU. Then just stick a $50 550W ~ 650W PSU and some cheap drives on it and you’re good to go. Total cost - less than $500 or 470 Euros…

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When or if the time comes I will ask you for sure to guide me in this market, thank you. The same goes to all the markets, I always try to guide people on construction to buy smart not design, yet women never listen :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Thanks again m8 I really appreciate it :+1:t6:.

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I’m sure you already know but if you wanna bounce some ideas off me I’m always available for ya… NP! That has been my side business for the past like, 15 years or something so…

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Yes. This is a very frustrating, and all too common experience.

There really isn’t much recourse at this point, the only thing this one notes is that, much like the monk destroying the mandala, it is a lesson on impermanence and the perils of attachment.
That doesn’t make it any better. But at least you can now smugly cite your moment of enlightenment at others, which can be entertaining for some people.

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