Body disappears and cannot be retreived

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [everywhere]

[When dying, many times one’s body simply disappears. As a work around one can generally run far beyond render distance and run back to force render in the body again. This however is not always the case. Any server lag will seemingly also decrease the ability for this to happen.

Visual of area as forcing body to re re see in seems to at times increase probability of success. Sometimes even when disappeared if one knows precise spot can access invisible body to retrieve items. Unfortunately other times (such as today again for me) it simply disappears for good. Today I lost 4000coal I grinded, my silent legion armour I was gifted, two star metal pics one obsidian pick, 1509 brimstone, 200 insulated wood, and 30 reinforced stone foundations as well as my kingslayrr spear while moving to my new base location. Unfortunately was killed by thrall at sepomaru outskirts. Upon respawning I fast traveled to obelisk close by and ran right back to the nidy. No death marker appeared or showed on map no layers where around and every time I walked over the precise spot it would lag a little. Couldn’t force spawn it in or access invisibly. This was a hard hard luss and is a reeccuring issue on ps4 official servers. Unsure if it occurs on other servers.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


i keep choping you up and taking your stuff thank you for all the steel bars i need more

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Same bug off and on for over a year. Have to relog to see your body…

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Yeah did so but to no avail unfortunately.

i keep dying in my base go looking in my little hidy hole in the base (i use a false floor panel for when i log out in case i get raided) lost my lemurian flawless armour teliths sorrow sword ton of star metal and my star metal pickaxe, getting really fXckin sick of this $#!t

The problem you are describing, bobby, is that you died after you had logged off likely due to a heat source near you when you log. Heat sources actually make you hot now and when you are unconscious, you do not regen health, so you will die.

A bug funcom refuses to fix the players should start a petition for compensation. Funcom is at this point not doing their job and it is clear as day.

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