Disappearing bodies on ps4

So a friend and I have been learning the ropes in co-op mode. We’ve only played about 4 or 5 hours and already both of us have had our bodies disappear after death. Also, the death marker on the map was glitched in both instances. Showing up in a different spot, but still no body. We’ve barely started and we’ve already lost hours of our time. It’s really disappointing to see the game in final release with these kind of issues. Anyone have a fix?

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This has been an ongoing issue that they still seem unable to fix. I just got blue screened and when I logged back in it respawned me in the desert with nothing and my body was not in my base where I was when it errors. Lost 400 steel my epic raider armour 3 obsidian picks and teliths sorrow. FFS this is one of the key things that they should be prioritizing. Who wants to most when ur body can just disappear with everything on it.

This has been an issue for a long time, If your playing solo or co-op mode you can change your settings, by becoming admin and unchecking loot drop on death or whatever it’s called. Then when you or your friend get killed by something you’ll respawn with all your gear. Then there’s no need to return to your fallen body. It won’t help you if you decide to play on official servers though.

Just as a side note I’ve found that sometimes my body is invisible after dying, but it’s still there in the environment if I click around with the square button I can still locate my body, sometimes.

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