Ps4 body disappear after dead

Game mode: Online |
Problem: Bug
Region: EU Ps4
Died 2 times 20 meter away from my house , my body with loot disappear,
Get killed by wolf and loot is gone?!


Need to run out of render distance and back , now my deadbody is visible … pls fix


Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Hi Funcom,

maybe almost the same here. I Played on PvE US #3519. I Got killed by sandstorm north of the river and my dead body was no longer there when I came back to loot my body. There were no marker at the map. A teammate of mine went the same way some times later and suddenly he saw a body falling down a hill. It was my body. He was able to loot my body but I could not even see my body. Another teammate was also unable to see my body when our other mate was looting it.

Kind regards



Same here… happend 5 minutes ago… i had just craftet new armor and weapons -.-

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Try to run out of render and come back , body should be there 90% :slight_smile:

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yes that worked for me ty

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Every time I die in Single Player or Online my body disappears every time and my items are not able to get back this has happened to me for the 12 time today while killing the King Rhino.