Disappearing Body Upon Death

I would love someone from Funcom to respond, suggesting they care about fixing this game. Bodies disappear upon death, +/- a glitched out death marker that appears in completely random spots. How do u release a survival game with this kind of bug?! I don’t even feel like I can move out of co-op on to a real server until they fix this. Anyone hear of a fix in the works? I’m ,on PS4.

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No idea how long till its fixed though I have not experienced this for a few weeks since one of the last two patches.

One way around it I found was to leave the loading cell area where you died and then go back and every time except maybe once my body was where it was suppose to be. The map marker was still off but the body was there.

It’s the same with thralls knocked unconscious. Sometimes they disappear into the ground but once you leave the area and return they appear where they should ready to be dragged to a new home.

I play online though not on single player mode.

Yeah, just log out and log back in! Usually works.

As Noobiesnacks has said, logging out and back in works 90% of the time

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