Body Disappears!

XB1 issue. Body is disappearing after death and i am unable to retrieve all my inventory. Keeps happening and it makes me not want to play. Sort it out.

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If it’s on a server, relog. That should help you find your body. Otherwise, bring along a friend and they usually can see your body even when you cannot and can loot your corpse to get your items back. Finally, the bug is known, it had a multitude of causes and Funcom has patched some of them (they obviously haven’t patched them all). So they are working on it.

Devs keep saying they have fixed this problem in any patch they pump out since day one, except the bug is always there laughing at them instead.
Yes, that is really frustrating and happened to me in the early days countless times.
A reason more to avoid death I guess.
Anyway, I disagree with Multigun suggestion of relogging, in my experience that doesn’t make the body reappear PLUS you lose your death location mark on the map.
The only suggestion I can give you is to repeatedly reload the cell (area) where you died, running far away and coming back, this way if the body is there and just not loaded sooner or later will appear (it works also for lost/disappeared thralls sometimes).
Good chances are though that your body fell through the map while reloading the area, or clipped into some rocks or in any other unaccessible place (by bug I mean), if not completely forgotten by the server and vanished forever, like many other things keep doing in the game on daily basis.
So just keep your chin up and start crafting new equipment.

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