Disappearing bodies

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: server 1808

OK this is the third or fourth time I have reported this problem. I and an NPC thrall were killed by a very strong shellback next to a building. The thralls body appeared but mine never appeared. I carefully checked the marker location…no body. I hacked up the thrall. Still can’t find my body. Moused over all the grd. NO BODY

This was a problem months ago that you fixed. Since release ITS BACK!!

Have you seen the list of BUGS on this forum. Is anyone listening??

happened to me the other day, logged back off and on 3 times before my body appeared… 60hrs into v1 patch and it’s crazy the amount of bigger bugs i have been running into… would be nice to get official responses for these bug reports or a way to track ones that are already reported …