Invisible Dead Bodies Resulting In Lost Items

Game mode: PC Official PvE
Problem: Game bug - dead body not visable (2-5 minutes after killed)

Twice after getting killed I was able to get to my death location withing 2-5 minutes and was not able to find my body. My clansman was there and could see it and directed me to stand right over it yet I was still unable to retrieve items.

Once happened to my clansman where niether of us saw the body even though we knew exacly where they died. Yet later (20 minutes or more (estimated)) they were able to find their body and retrieve items. ( I still was unable to see the body.)

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Yeah, death location is marked on a map, but my body is not there.

had this problem as well but my body became visible for me after 1-2 minutes. anyone else saw it only i didnt. after 2 minutes i could see it and loot it. On pve its not a big problem but on pvp? oh god…

Try to relog, it works for me…

Please remove your bracelet instead. You might lose your server spot if you relog.

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Just wait to the corpse despawn N u see all u stuff in a Drop bag

There are two sure ways to find the invisible bodies. 1: Log out and log back in, Problem being a full server and you cant do this, so go to the second way: 2: Walk out of the loading area and back in. Not to far but far enough to force the game to re-render the environment, your corpse, victim, potential Thrall, will magically become visible again. " No hiding for you my friend" Also of note: If my thrall disappears this way, i typically force him/her to eat their friend (human flesh) in the wheel…you know to make sure they dont hide again.

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I re-logged 3-4 times trying that. It did not work.

@The_Farandulas I did wait for about an hour. No loot bag appeared.

Lel maybe is some setting because i play in a dedĂ­cated server n when i Lost My corpse i wait near It n appeat the bag