Corpse disappears after dying several times

When we die 5/10 times our body has vanished
official server #1202

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This is working as intended. From the launch patch notes:

  • Reduced the max amount of death map markers to 3, to match the amount of max corpses you can have active at the same time

Take that “Solution” flag off, its not the problem at all. I have only one death, the marker is there on the map, my body is not. This is happening to all our clan.

if we find someone who wasn’t in the area to come to our death place, they can see our body but we still can’t.

And… even if i had got 3 dead bodies on the ground, why would it not display the LAST 3 deaths, not the 1st 3 deaths? This happens right after a death.

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Okay, thanks for the update. I’ll forward this on and see what comes of it.

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After playing TL for so long, and still in the spirit of EA, on Official PVP Server I took the Summoner’s Archway Plummet. Kind of like a splatting Nestea Plunge. Anyway, I could not locate my body. The solution that ultimately worked was removing bracelet while in nearby range of my corpse. That meant running from my bedroll (more than two chunks away) twice but it was worth it.

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Yup same thing with us. You can die just once and either not able to see your body to loot it, or you see your body and can’t loot it. Sometimes others with you can see it but you cannot just like you said. And sometimes you die and you cannot even see your death on the map.

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If you walk around where you die looking at the ground you will see inventory pop up when you pass over your body you can still loot it if you can find it. It’s just invisible

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