Missing Dead Body

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [1979]

When I die, or members of clan does, the body is disappear off the map, and any other player need go to location to find and give back items to original player


Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I have lost so much gear to this also :frowning: how many corpse do we get ? It seems when I die… I do not get the option to respawn on my bed the first time around because of the lag and end up back in the desert ,so I have to remove my bracelet to spawn on my bed … the 1st body will then de-spawn with all my stuff !

I think the body count is as high as 10. I know it was 3, but remember in a patch they upped it to 10.

the patch yesterday (or today depending on time zone) fixes the big lag at death. That should help quite a bit.

Yeah I also thought that then got told 3 … I only get 2 … hopefully gets fixed soon

Though one of the players on the server I play on started to experience worse lags.
Finally gave that workaround a try and is totally happy with the performance now.

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I still run the garbage fix, for the regular “staying alive” game play. This fix didn’t do anything for that part of the lag issue. One person said it fixed theirs, but I think that was a unique case.

You think so?
Thats the fourth over here. First one was me and it totally helped me. Instead of 1-5/60 fps, I am getting steady fps. Death lag was entirely gone in a instant.
Second and third where people I directly played with.
Solely one person didnt use this fix, because he didnt want to mess with his files.

So it does seem to help more often than it wouldnt.

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Oh nice! I am happy to hear that :slight_smile:

It may not work for PC, but on PS4 if you log out then back in sometimes the body reappears. It has saved me countless times.
Hope that helps.

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Hey everybody,

Quick update: our team is working on a fix -or more like, a solution- to this issue. We can’t wait to show what our team has come up with to address this problem :slight_smile:


Logging out can also help on Xbox if a friend is unable to see it for you but when I respawn from the desert and check event log my 1st body has already gone and my loot lost … happened a few times now … can’t wait to see what they got to fix it :ok_hand: hopefully they smooth it out on Pc before applying it to console :joy:

Oh? Now I am intrigued! You say something like that and it MUST mean a complete change to what happens with a corpse on death. Will a coffin appear, so the body stays above ground? Will we get a popup when we enter the area and can just quick loot our corpse, even when not visible? Will our corpse contents just automatically auto loot as we enter the area? Will there be a pillar of light that we can click on, so no matter how deep the corpse goes into the ground, we can see the beam and click anyway?

So many possibilities come to mind!


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