To Corpse Or Not To Corpse, Will You Find Yours Is The Question

Game mode: Online PvE 3029
Problem: Corpse vanishing Bug
Region: [EU server, UK living]

The corpse after death sometimes bugs so that when i return to collect my gear there is no body to find, even though the death marker points exactly where i died and returned to, this is different to just going out of render and back, my corpse is just not there!!!

My latest encounter with the bug was out gathering crystal in a spider cave i randomly found, I guess i got too adventurous and got too close to the giant spider that bit me, even though it was below me.
I never thought poison 2 was so much harsh… I died but on my return to collect all my stuff my body was nowhere to be found, but death marker was there.
I read on a post that sometimes the body falls from the sky or something, but i checked above the cave and nothing to find, this is the second time i have been reduced to nothing because of this bug, the grind is extreme enough solo to also be subject to a bug like this.
Also happens above ground so not isolated to caves:(:(:frowning:

I do enjoy your game so much though, just wanted to let you know this geezer of a bug is present and nasty.


Welcome in the family of the solo grinders that cannot find previous corpses anywhere ^^

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I’ve had the same problem a few times. Enemies I kill often vanish too. Once I couldn’t get stuff from a body in the water even when I actually found it. It’s one thing to drop stuff when you die but a true frustration when you can’t find it or your body vanished. I hope they improve the issue of vanishing bodies and a better way to locate it other wise dropping items will get tiresome fast when the mechanic it’s supposed to have doesn’t work.

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Had it once where I wasn’t able to find and loot my body. One other time though I died 6 times trying to get to my body and took so long, the location had been removed from the map but when I got there my body was still there and I was thankfully able to loot it.

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Lost 4 corpses in open areas to sniper crocodiles and other nasties, marker was way off on where i died a couple times, but my corpse were not wherei died nor at the marker… very frustrating to be struggeling through gathering enough resources to progress when you keep loosing everything. didn’t think it was this “rogue’ish” but this is mean!

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commun guy you just have to relog to see your corpse, try it, it’s not that hard

sadly, that doesn’t do anything for my situation :S i’ve tried several times, but alas, wish there was a fix as easy as that.

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it’s work every time on PC

I don’t die so I cannot verify…

The amount of things I’ve had to adjust to be able to play this game is stooopid, that lost corpse thing got old fast , I’ve had to get my own server just to be able to turn on spawn with inventory and to be able to lock my own damn door.

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We’re still investigating and trying to reproduce this issue. Any sort of information you can give us helps us out.

Log out and log in again when your at the spot you died in your body will be visible

I also find that if you run away from your corpse location a bit couple hundred feet then back again your corpse will show up. I have lost a few bodies my self but this seems to work. Also if you die while the server is lagging your body could be a bit ahead in the direction your were running

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Going out of draw range and then returning works for me anytime I can’t find a body or a thrall I’ve knocked out.

Dunno if it can help, but when I can’t see my body on the spot I died, I try to climb something high enough. Each time I have done this I was able to see my corpse from the top. then when I come back to the spot and I am able to loot it even when I can’t see it.

My body didn’t disappear but twice now I’ve had to redo everything, cause I get back to my body and I cannot even interact woth it to collect my stuff. First time I was outside Gallamans Tomb, second time I was a short piece down from the Sand Reaper nest near the Black Gallion. Any help wouldbe nice about this issue on ps4 offline mode.

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Sometimes if you die next to a recourse node your corpse can fall inside it and disappear and you have to destroy the node to find it.

Couldn’t find my corpse then noticed this sticking out of the rock. Had to do a relog even for that to appear.

My corpse after I destroyed part of the sandstone node.

Your sarcasm isn’t appreciated here, the fact that we have to do this in the first place is a problem. We should not have to jump through hoops to get to where the game should already be at. They took our $50 and sold us what we thought should be a finished game or at least somewhere close, but that was nowhere near a close assessment. This is just one of many problems that needs to be addressed.


Had this like 5-6times, really frustrating.
Seems to happen more often (Maybe even all the time) when I die due to falling off a cliff.

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On 4 different occasions always the same problem, the body does not appear (or is hidden under some other object), even the body marker is in a different position than where you died.

This thing only creates frustration, if you are not able to manage it at the programming level, the ways are two, or you decide that once you die you lose everything and you can not recover the body or if you wall up is reborn without losing any object.

Since it is months that you are always told the same problem, repair it by not losing any object, when you later learn to better manage the polygon collisions, you will restore everything to the origin, thanks.