Death and no body on return. All items gone!

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [UK]

Entered a cave/mine to mine some silver in the NW near ‘The Jawbone’ and was full of scorpions. Suffice it to say I died. I went to retrieve my stuff but the mist was difficult to navigate and there was no tombstone marker displayed. Died several more times searching for the stuff but it has just disappeared! This was my latest stuff as I was heading into unknown territory, but I should have been able to retrieve it. Where has it gone? How can I get it back? I’ve tried several things mentioned in other posts and have logged out and in etc with no luck. It’s taken so long to get this far I don’t want to have to start mining silver, smelting and making armour and weapons all over again because of a bug. Help please. Oh, and I’m on solo offline mode so it’s not like it’s been stolen by anyone else.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter mine
  2. Die
  3. Return
  4. Find no loot
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The key to your problem may be “Died several more times searching” for your corpse. Unless this has changed since the original protocols, I believe you have a total of 30 minutes and only THREE resurrections to get back to your original laden corpse to recover your goods. After 3 deaths it just starts showing the most recent 3 places you died.
I have felt your pain multiple times, as I’m sure many of us have. I died coming back from the Temple of Frost and had to keep running back naked through a ridiculous gauntlet of homicidial mammoths, sabretooths, wolves & bears that insisted on ignoring each other’s tasty bits in favor of chasing & attacking me constantly. The death markers were even more glitchy then, so I lost one of my first sets of Silent Legion armor & some fantastic, hard-earned legendary weapons… but I lost them & had to recreate it all.
Suggestions for next time:

  1. since you’re playing offline solo you could just access the admin panel and tweak some of the options to either keep your inventory on death, or increase the length of time or opportunities you have to get to your corpse for recovery.
  2. If you’ve not done so already, I’d also break a pet or (better) fighter thrall and take them with you on all your adventures. If/when you die in a fight, they will often still be there fighting the enemies near your corpse which gives you better chance to recover & re-equip yourself before fighting again. Just don’t forget to tag your pet/thrall to Follow you once more as they switch to Scouting once you die.
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Thanks Catspaw. Wasn’t aware of the 30mins. The 3 deaths didn’t factor at first but maybe after hunting for them after 30mins that caused additional issue. I didn’t want to exit the game while I was away in case that factored in to my loss. It’s a hard lesson to learn and should be clearer in game if that is the case. Like a quick pop up first few times you die in the game so you can learn. I guess I have no choice but to get stronger and then maybe go back for them later. Or do they disappear in time too? I’ve changed the settings now to not lose inventory on death and will go again. At least that may make a difference in the future. Cheers.


@philwatson5, just glad I was able to help.
The pop-ups for some initial tutorial help is a good idea although it does seem that Conan Exiles is intentionally obtuse to encourage exploration & experimentation in the ‘survival’ game genre. It was several months into my play on #3731 at level 60 that a co-op player mentioned you could create dry wood with bark & wood in the dryer… oh damn!
I played through most of the game in offline solo last summer & finally set admin to keep my gear on death as it was too frustrating to die (more bad glitches then) & lose everything - that will definitely reduce your desire to split your PS4 with an axe.
I’m not quite clear about to what you refer in “go back for them later” & “they disappear” - what is “them” & “they”?

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