Missing own corpse

Please be as descriptive as possible!

Game mode: Online
Region: Oceanic 3975

Corpse cannot be found upon returning to site of dying.
Has happened multiple times now.
Either corpse is invisible or my corpse glitched through the world floor.
Have been on an incline when this has occured, did find the empty corpse of my failed attempts to find original carcass, appeared to have rolled out from the incline protruding out of the ground somewhat.

This is game breaking, feel like i should get a refund issued for my digital copy.
Anyone else experience this?

Repro steps:
1.Just dye few times and locate your corpse, if you can

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Yep it happened to me once.
I’m just playing since yesterday and happened once.

This has happened to me and my friend multiple times now and it has been a major setback and upset. This needs to be fixed.

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I can confirm this is a known issue our developers are investigating in order to resolve as swiftly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience.


Died in the most obvious place, ran back to exact spot no corpse. Died of hunger trying to find my corpse and came back and my dead hunger corpse was there but not the first one. Very upsetting had grinded hours for my iron armor and sword now all gone. Pretty messed up game right now. Rage quit at the moment.

Take a video to see the exact location your corpse is. It’s actually invisible and not rendered, so if you go to the EXACT spot and look aroundon the ground, you’llget a prompt to check your invisible corpse.

I’m actually VERY surprised that these replies don’t mention how to get around the bug… kinda sad tbh.

Patience has long ended. On an official x1 server, such a thing is a waste of hours. It happened many times. Sometimes it is enough to go far enough and come back and the body will appear.

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Agreed. The corpse issue almost makes the game unplayable. And this is a very basic issue. ive also noticed that if you watch the map closely, your death marker will move quite a bit, too.

On pve servers after death, the character should be reborn in the whole equipment. There would be no problem with disappearing bodies.

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This just sucks.
Farming the whole afternoon for a new armor.
Corpse gone.
This is sht. Really. Fcking game.

if you are at the correct location, spam square until you find your body. your body will disappear completely after 3 deaths and then your items drop that last for 5minutes

Does not work.
Logging out does not work.
Running away and back again does not work.
PVE servers should keep stuff after dying.

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Another day another f*cking bug…
Today my corpse is flying. No chance to reach it…
Have to try and build a tower to get that high…

EDIT: not possible. Everything I build just vanishes.
Ragequitting this Shlt now!

This is happening to me also, body gone, death marker at wrong place. I find this very frustrating and game breaking.

was farming fangs in dregs rolled into acid pool died ranstraight back in killed it no corpse in bottom of pit lost a good set of armor 2 weps all my steel harvesting tools and everything else i had on me thank you so much funcom for F@#$%^& up a great game im so sick of making all my stuff again makes about the 6th times since i been playing ive lost everything to corpse vanished