Player Dead Body Vanishes or Can't be Interacted With

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [Europe]

What happens is just what happened to other people, when the player dies and tries to go back to its body, sometimes the body is there just right, and we can loot our items and gear back, but other times the body just vanished, but the marker on the map remains, and in other times it gets “eaten” by the ground, or is there but when we move the camera to some angles the body appears and disappears, and can’t be interacted with.

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This is getting to be something really annoying, when I have 9h+ right now, and getting killed is sometimes frequent with me exploring zones with more powerful foes, and then if I die 3 times maybe in a 2h session and can’t get my gear and items back, well, it gets really boring having to be creating my gear over and over again, I imagine having more powerful gear or rare one, and losing it like this.

Also reported this from here because I can’t access the bug report form or section through the faq of the forum.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die
  2. Respawn
  3. Go back to the place where the player body is.
  4. Move the camera to see it appear or disappear sometimes, other times it disappeared from the map.

Player bodies, npc bodies, mob bodies…

Hey that exile’s corpse had 20 steel bars on it! Oops gone now. Good luck finding it, we made it unvisible.

They got all the unconscious bodies on the broken road with tìts out right though.

Starting to think Funcom spent more time of dongs and breasts than anything else.


Dying in water vanishes. Died in galleon body disappeared. Tribe mate may see it but I can’t.


I’ve been posting about this for awhile now… Sadly I have had 0 response from any dev or moderator.

Yeah I tried that too but it didn’t show up just made marker vanish

Hi there,

This is currently a known issue across all platforms. Unfortunately, I do not have an exact time frame for when this issue will be fixed. Please keep a lookout for more info soon.


Well yup, in the water the body doesn’t vanish, you just can’t interact with it, or with any body of any animal/human, only if part of it is out of the water, and even then it can be tricky, don’t know why the game can’t recognize a body to loot/interact with when its underwater, or just bellow water level.

The other day I died raiding the Black Galleon, forgot to make a bedroll close to the secret entrance I used from the bottom of the cliff, went to a bedroll I had a little far, on my way back the body was showing its marker on the map like it usually does, and it stays there for a really long time, I died from a sandstorm on my way back, no problem, happened before dying multiple times but the body remaining along with the new one, on my second way back, when I was getting close to Black Galleon BOOM my body just vanishes from the map, I get there and its nowhere to be found, while my second body still remained marked on the map.

I’m like level 33 now, I had a nice steel greatsword, some nice medium armor at this point, some other good equipment on me, and BOOM, just like that I lost it all, the climbing system also needs some adjustments in my opinion.

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!!Easy recovery of your body when it is not appearing right where you died when you first run back to the lovation of death. This has worked pretty much every time for me that this has happened. Once you realize that your body is not there. Run compleatly out of render distance. I usually run an extra bit to just be sure. Once outta render distance simply run back to your dead body & it will be there. Idk why its not there the first time but almost always works the second time for some reason. Best of luck

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Need to try that out next time, the thing with the last time it happened to me was that, on my way to get to the body, I was far away from the place, and I died a second time and for some reason when I respawned the marker on the map had vanished, and no body to be found.