Body disappeared

Game mode: Online
Problem: body vanish bug
Region: America server 3813

I was running back to my base in the north when a bear started chasing me which i ignored and when I got back to my base it had vanished and all i could see was work stations and thralls so I walked in and then 15 seconds after i was teleported back outside my base where the bear had kill me. That’s not that worst part, my body with the 500 black ice and my fully dyed elite set armor had completely vanished. Not really fun to waste 2 to 3 hours of farming to have your body vanish after a lag spike made me believe i was somewhere I was not. Do you have a solution for this issue? Cause this is the kind of thing that will make a person quit playing games that funcom developes.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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It’s a known issue which sadly hasn’t been fixed yet. Happened to me a few times and one solution is to go where your dead body should be and place a bedroll next to it and then take off your bracelet to kill yourself. Sometimes when you spawn back in your original dead body will be there and you can loot it. Hope that helps

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot, i have already re-geard myself but it’s more or less the principal of the matter, I hope funcom is reading these and is working to fix at the least the minor bugs like applying war paint. They don’t seem to respond to any posts so I’m just trying to add a post to what I’m guessing is overwhelming them. It would be nice to at least get a “we hear your concerns and we are looking into a solution” response. I will give it a few months to see if they either care about the product they have sold to many or if they are only concerned about having the money we spent and could care less about fixing the problems. I’ll hold my breath since it’s a good game besides all the bugs.

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Just had it happen again when I fell into a river of lava, body disappeared and I had all my best gear on and stocked up full with resources :sob:

Yea my body disappears basically every time I die, I get lucky if it there when I get back, id say every 5 times I die maybe see my body once. I think they should only drop your gear with body if it’s a player kill, so stupid to die from running out of breath under water or lag spikeing off of a cliff and losing everything. I really hope they fox this stuff or I’m just gonna find a new game.

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Had my body vanish again today. I went over the same spot about 6 times until a loot box came up and thankfully I was able to loot my body even though I couldn’t see it. Had just spent ages farming rhinos so was going to be pretty mad if I couldn’t find it.

Probably only happened to be about 3/4 times though and I have died a crazy amount.

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