Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug?]
Region: [North America? or do you mean in the game?]

PvE on Official Server 3731

Not sure if this is a fresh issue after the latest patch but I have not had this problem until recently & then TWICE in 3 days.

While hammering star metal & training my newest Dina by the Frost Temple I was mobbed by 3 sabretooths & the boss fang face… I died. After realizing I hadn’t dropped a sleeping roll at that closest base, I got back in a few minutes with some reasonable armor & another thrall to recover my goodies… except my corpse was showing on the map, but NOT on the ground. I crept around the icon’s location hoping to see my corpse’s inventory appear but no luck. I eventually died there again from the catnip fueled evil kitty rampage & retrieved the junk from that recent corpse but LOST everything from my original corpse (checked Event Log after a brief whimper).
Aside from Flawless Barbarian armor bits I also lost a couple pieces of Champion armor and the following:

  1. a legendary Ymir heavy helmet (cold)
  2. legendary Mammoth boots
  3. Reach of the RM
  4. Final Breath of the RM
  5. Black Buragh’s (?) shield (+5 agility)
  6. Solspeil shield (+20 cold)
  7. Predatory Blade
  8. Yog’s Touch axe…etc.

That same night, a co-op buddy & I cleaned out the Unnamed City a couple times but didn’t replace anything. I did have a spare Final Breath torch & Predatory Blade at a base so that helped my pain.
Two nights later I went back to the Unnamed City to grind away again. My trainee thrall (level 14) & I eventually killed the Red Dragon BUT I died just before & when I returned I again could NOT find my corpse in spite of it being clearly marked on the map & in open ground. I did reclaim a Reach of the RM… but lost the other 2 valuables in exchange & I’d have rather kept the Final Breath & Predatory Blade.

Has anyone else had issues with their inventory-rich corpse disappearing from the visual even though it shows on the map? Reminds me of a similar issue last year (& yes, I ran out of render range & then back & also restarted the game).

Also, but unrelated, the Red Mother was an unintentional beyotch to kill - she kept wandering away from the fight with my thrall & I as I was luring her onto the sands out of the corruption zone. It was like if we got too far from her ‘spot’ she’d just forget we were attacking & zoom back to home with a very RAPID health regeneration (i.e from around 50-60% health she’d be back to 100% in a few seconds). Her movement was also bizarrely exhibiting levitation & zooming lunges over a much great distance than she used to do in the past dozens of times I’ve had to farm her.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die in glorious battle.
  2. Smugly assume you can retrieve all your awesome & well-nigh irreplaceable inventory.
  3. Discover you cannot access your corpse in any way.
  4. Sobbingly guzzle more Irish whiskey & then look for some English people to punch… (I’m Canadian, but you know…)
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Understand your pain sounds like the old bad days.

Ps Canadian’s r ok in my book . Waiting to be home myself for some spirit,s

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Hi @Catspaw, would it be possible to share a few screenshots indicating the exact places where your character died, as it might assist our team in reproducing the issue?

Also, before choosing to respawn, were both the marker and the corpse visible in the screen?

@Hugo, sorry for my delay, I was away camping. At this point I won’t take a screenshot b/c I can’t say it’ll be that accurate. However, I can describe the both areas.

  1. first death & disappearing corpse occurred near the Temple of Frost, specifically on the north edge (probably exactly N to NE edge) of the Bleakwood Ruins. I died inside the tree line, before it descends into the valley near a Frost Giant camp (to the NE).
  2. second death & AWOL corpse was near the Red Mother. As per usual I’d enticed her out of the corruption zone to the east. We had gone up one or two flights of stairs & then north onto the sand dune that abuts a wall on its east side. I died on the sand, about 20-40 virtual meters from the stair platform, by the SW corner of a pillar.
    …now that I describe it, I may try to take screen shots after all.

Sadly, I did not notice if my marker & corpse were visible on the ghosted background before I respawned. Markers clear on the map, but not to be found on the ground (and I slowly covered a search grid until the time expired).

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