Love the game .. But im kinda sick of disapearing corpse after a death


Maybe this gets a dev comment if I post a kitty here? See the devs like to answer thoose threads…


Two times now I’ve just given it up. Loosing a corpse with mats and heavy gear etc.
This is starting to look like the third time. Running for 15 min to where I died (which i dont mind, its a survival game) butcorpse not there. trying to relog (sooometimes fixes it) not working, and now I cant get in again ofc 40/40


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I came here for the kitty. Kinda disappointed…_

Let’s see if the kitty in thread makes a difference theory works…image

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I give up … Managed to get in, did another relog, didnt work. tried running far far away and back. Still no corpse.
This will be the third time i have to give up a corpse with heavy gear, and think i had like 100 something thick leather and god knows how much rhino / elephant fur.

Its so fun having to craft medium gear again, a 2h sword, runt to the planes and farm agan.

And god forbid I mess up and die, because retriving dead corpse is like russian roulett theese days.

Love the game guys! Probably the best online game Ive played in ages, but for gods sake, do something :frowning:

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I had the same problem on my private server.
I had to change a value in the serversettings.ini.

Are you playing on an official server, private server or solo/coop?

– Mike –

Official PvE EU 1301

Ok … Pc here. I’ve tried everything. Relogging, running far, far away… Its a bit annoying cause it takes time getting mats together to gear up again. Thankfully I had enough mats for a medium set and a 2h iron sword, so i can go tomorow and farm thick hide again.

Just gotta be carefull not dying, because returning and finding a corpse to loot is … sketchy at best…

Like I said, this is the third time I completely give up on retriving my stash :slight_smile:

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That happened to me so many times I can’t even count with both hands, only in this week after launch it already happened 4 times, only could recover once the stuff from the body and having to relog to make it appear.

Really annoying bug indeed, being a survival, not fixing this bug is like trolling the players, because you spend so much time grinding and crafting, when you die if you can’t recover because of a render bug, its game breaking to the point of making the player stop playing after a time.

I don’t consider quitting, but it is frustrating. But on the other hand I also see it as actually punishing people for dying instead of just having endless lives.

It makes you really size up your enemy and not charge in blindly like there is no penalty if you die.

I think I lost 3 sets to a single named NPC in a few hours. When I was about to die I would run away to die in a “safe” spot. Returned and body wasn’t there. Lesson learned? re-evaluate what I was doing.

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Yeah, the game is to awsome to ragequit because of it - But it sucks donkeyballs.

It’ll get fixed im sure, but what irks me is that there is no communcation about many of the kinda gamebreaking bugs out there.

A little “Known errors, x and x and x. We are aware and working towards a solution with an ETA of X days” etc would go along way to make it worth it.

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Try this

  1. Get back to where you died
  2. Put a bedroll there
  3. Remove the bracelet and spawn in the desert
  4. Spawn in the desert, remove the bracelet again and choose to revive on bedroll.

Done this couple of times and got my corpse back every time.


Nice tip tin_egg - Ill try that later. I know where my corpse is supposed to be so, so since players cant loot me i reccon it might still be there

Tried your tip and it didn’t work.
I logged on today, and whent to where I died yesterday (ran naked ofc hehe). and placed a bedroll. Removed my bracelet and spawned in desert. Removed bracelet again to res at bedroll, and my corpse still wasent there.

BUT! If my corpse goes AWOL again when I die, ill be sure to try this tip. Ill also start throwing down bedrolls randomly while im running around and farming and stuff so that I always have a res spot a little closer to where I die anyways :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:
Anyone else tried tin_egg’s way?

Can’t wait for them to fix this bug :slight_smile: Its the only one that really, really irks me in this awsome game.

I’ve discovered that just logging out to the main menu then logging back into the server does the trick 9/10 times. Unfortunately that 10th time for me that didn’t work was after a raid when I had several thralls in my inventory and I lost them, FML I died because I suddenly lost power and an NPC killed me while I was offline. Logged back in and no corpse anywhere. Tried all kinds of things still no corspe no thralls. That sucks even worse than gear because the clan I raided might seek retribution and I have nothing to show for it.

I love cats.

On Day 1 this happened to me. I put out a bulletin here ASAP, and made bonus content for my video to show what happened and how I fixed it.* I’m sorry you’ve lost stuff in the interim.

Make sure your respawn point is outside the area where your corpse marker is. Run for a full stamina bar if you’re not sure, then set a roll. If you already have roll/bed nearby but out of the area, leave well enough alone. Run to where your corpse should be. Climb up to a nearby ledge, far enough away from your corpse so that others can’t spy you by the extra glow of another corpse. Remove Bracelet.

Please remember that other players can see your corpse. Somebody could easily drop by, loot and skin you until there’s nothing left.

* Video advanced to timecode of bulletin. :smiley:

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Screw this.

Happened again now. I died ( my own fault ) and lo and behold, my corpse is gone.
Mats … gear … Inventory … Gone…

Im done.

I freaki LOVE this game! But getting “reset” due to disapearing corpse 4 times now is just not fun…

Not gonna play anymore untill i see a patch with a fix for this. Not even a comment from Funcom on this gamebreaking bug. Useless. But commenting on kitten threads they do.

Awsome game, most fun in ages - But having to “restart” because of disapearing corpse over and over again and no comment from funcom.

GL HF - Im out for now.

Atleast 1 out of xxxxxxxxx players trying to get to a preferd server will now be open :slight_smile:

Love the game. Will be back when funcom fixes disapearing corpses.


I have not had this issue, sometimes my corpse disappears but i’ts still lootable

Where you playing and are you using mods ?

Hey mate. Eu 1301 PVE. No modds :slight_smile:

I had this same problem. I thought maybe that my corpse had fallen under rocks. On my third trip back I saw all of my corpses from multiple trips back to where I recreated my death suddenly spawn, and was able to collect my gear. I understand the point of loot drop on death, but I have to wonder if it is worth ‘immersion’ if it bugs out like this so often.

Yeah it sucks cause you get set back quite a bit having to regear up with mats and such.

I frikkin love this game! I havent had this much fun since … Well, long time ago.

And who am I kidding, ofc im gonna log back in :slight_smile: I need my Conan Exiles fix!
Tho, considering playing solo untill its fixed, cause there when you die you res with all your gear and inventory.

Dying and having to retrive the body is part of the game and I love that you get penalized for messing up. Just annoying that theres often not a body to get retrieve atm :smiley: