Corpse looted for 2nd time in PVE server. I'm done. Game deleted

I don’t mind the grind. I actually enjoy it. You get a sense of accomplishment. However, my corpse was looted for the second time in a PVE server. That represents a LOT of time and effort. The first time, I just considered it a glitch. The second time in two days?..I uninstalled the game. The devs have had a year since official launch and a year before that to fix this MAJOR bug in the game. They’ve released multiple dlc content but haven’t fixed this exploit…so…I’m done. Thanks for listening.

Not true. Server clearly states that corpses are only lootable by the player.

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Everything was stolen. I have my armor dyed and the guy that was at my body was wearing it. Also, I looked at the older forums…same thing was happening back in July of '18. Devs were ‘working on it.’

The issues has come and gone a few times, Was, last month or so they patch being unable to loot peoples bases, and after bodies. (they add skull and bones)

Now few things, Single player, option on or off, you can loot your own body and skull and bones.
As staff noted, you click skull and bones now and not body.

Its known issue being looked into again, since “no owner” stuff.

Depending on server settings, certain ones override others. Even when checked on or off.

Lastly, report it as a bug, server number etc. So they can look into it.

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Man this is so cringe worthy. You are done, and the game has been deleted. Well Funcom already got paid and I am guessing you played longer than 30mins so there wont be a refund. Therefore instead of using the proper channels to submit a bug (a bug you claim has never been fixed when in fact it has and yours is a new alteration of a similar bug) you come to the general discussion to do what? Not get your issues fixed thats for sure. Its your cheddar man if you would rather throw it away instead of becoming part of the community to make the game better so be it.


Doesn’t matter why the OP is leaving. What remains is, for being a year past the official release, this game still isn’t in the greatest of shape for many players. That’s not an insult to anyone…it’s just the way it is.

The latest patch made the stutter much worse for me and those I play it with yet again and now I can see grid lines. I played for a total of about 5 minutes after this last patch. Most of the time I have in this game was in early access. It’s been all but unplayable since the huge update two weeks before official release; then back and forth with subsequent patches.

In my view, after a year there’s no good excuses for this game not being 100% solid across all platforms and equipment. It’s way past ridiculous.

It’s OK. If items in inventory are NOT dropped then you resurrect in your bed with all your personal belongings. If they ARE dropped then they stay with your corpse, but it can be looted by you only or by any other passer-by depending on the second setting.


Sorry to see you go, We are still here, having fun as usual.

The trick is to not die.


Wrong. The game was free from PSN this month.

That’s hilarious. It takes some serious mental gymnastics to justify THAT one. Bravo! And as far as me ‘not coming to the forum to submit a bug.’ This is a MAJOR problem that they’ve had 2 years to correct. If they haven’t done it by now, they ain’t doing it. So I figure…just move on and spend my time elsewhere. And THAT is what I’m about to do right now. Cheers!

So you are complaining about a product you got for free. Ok well every other human on earth can see the error in that logic. As for your bug issue; Ive been here since day one, I am aware of the bugs and I am aware of what has been fixed and not fixed. I have to do NO mental gymnastics to justify anything. You are looking for attention and its exactly what you are getting. Bravo.

Yes, yes its pure attention. You are not looking to fix anything. Nothing about your rant is helpful in any way. You even made an account and named yourself “Whyiquitplaying” because you are looking for attention. No body here is taking anything you say seriously because of how you went about ranting. Every reply you have been given is because people have an uncontrollable urge to comment on cringe materials.

Funcom is not a 3xA developer. They are Indie by every definition and are given the slack as well as the respect an independent developer should be given. Their shortcomings can easily be rectified by well thought posts in the bug section or suggestions category.


Yes. I am. And now we know why the game is free don’t we? Lol.

Yeah. Clearly.

Hmmm. Not sure you’ve actually read every reply.

Yeah, you’d think that. Except as I stated before, the ‘shortcomings’ weren’t rectified through posts in the bug section. I already established that but I also established that you probably didn’t read every post. Anything else kevbal?

Nope you continue doing your thing. You clearly have no idea what you are on about so I’ll let you be. Have a wonderful day XD


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