Disappearing player corpses ruins PvE

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA]

In a game that deliberately has meticulous crafting requirements involving significant real time investment for Armor / Weapons, having all of those man hours just nullified by a “corpse swallowing” bug is borderline game breaking. It happens 1/5 deaths for me. What’s the point in crafting high level gear or hunting Legendary weapons if it can be snatched up through no fault of your own? I’ve taken to PvE’ing with simple rags and gear because the risk of losing everything is just too significant. This needs fixed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1 Unclear other than dying.

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I’m doing that now to in the official drop on death server, because it’s happened to me many times or something similar that flat out prevents gear retrieval not including others getting it. It’s not worth it on a broken mechanic. I now play keep on death as at least then I don’t have to face that bug. I’ve lost too many time invested things to that bug.

Btw, vanishing isn’t the only related issue. I’ve died in water and couldn’t get my things; been killed a few extra times by goaltending enemies; or if you accidentally die in certain areas such as a monster pushing you into some shrines, then all your stuff is gone. If you at least had the foresight of when such risk and danger is likely you could take precautions but there is none with this bug. I just reported a similar bug.

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I know this isn’t a super fix or anything but I discovered that if you log out and back in you will be able to see your body again. I hope this helps a little.

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Not tryna be a troll. Run out of render distance and run back does this on PvP and that seems to fix it for me


I appreciate the workarounds and it has helped on some occasions. I’ve still had it where I “rezone”, relogged, and waited for corpse decay (drops your loot into a bag) and still no luck.

Definitely ruins pve. Exploration is not enjoyable knowing that I can lose all my hard earned gear in a simple death. It has happened to me three times and tha last one was in the Witch Queen boss fight. My corpse never appeared, even leaving the zone and coming back didnt help. I died again in the room and the second corpse neve showed either. I have since quit the game, not interested in grinding resources again for the gear and know that the next death I can lose it all again just kills the game for me.

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Actually I would hope that if you die you wouldn’t be able to recover your gear at all, makes this easy game atleast a bit harder. However haven’t died in 2 Weeks… even the new bosses can be soloed easily

The game would have to be infinitely more stable before I’d be ok with something like that. The vast majority of my PvE deaths are usually related to technical problems (rubberbanding, collision, framerate drops, enemies/environments drawing in late, etc).
Besides if you’re wanting to iron man difficulty then just self impose no relooting your corpse if you die…

The game kind of does it for you anyway.

Just wait the 15 mins for your body to “decay” and your bag appears. Fixes it 100% of the time for me when I try all of the other fixes and nothing works.