Body not at location, all gear lost!

Hi, so I went in the Volcano and I was walking on the lava edge near the Well of Seklos, a bad step and I got melted… got another Silent Legion armor and went to recover it! Surprise nothing there. So i’ve lost a full Slient Legion set and the Telith’s Sorrow + all my Star metal tools. Can something be done to recover the the lost gear?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Server Name: 1047
Name: Vocq
Steam ID: rndmizer


same problem for me, its a classical bug, almost fix-it on lasts releases but there are workarround.

the problem is that the corpse are hidden/undertakes under terrain textures. You can craft a bed-roll and put on same site of you have death. and remove brazalet 3 times, and then your first corpse vanishes and appears a bag with your stuff

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Tried everything, it’s so frustrating after so much farming to lose everything because of a bug.
Dev team should take a closer look at this bug. For me it’s a game killer… I’ve rage quit when it happened.


Hey there,

We apologise for any frustrations this issue is causing. Thanks for your report, we’ll send it to our team.

Dude you havent been able to find your body since EA lau7nch, clearly you all care nothing about fixing anything…

Your body is not gone as long as the timer hasn’t ran out. Just click the E key in the area your body should be and you usually will find it. Another option is to have another player come and find it for you. As they can usually see it. Yes it’s an old but but as with most bugs there are ways around them.

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Noticed that, but there are times when another player is not available or CBA to come and help.
I usually don’t grief about this kind of issues on forums (as it’s not the first time it happened) but this time the loss is too much for me, I spent hours to farm the mats for those items and then loose due to a small bug is unacceptable, at least from my point of view.

@Funcom, is this issue on your priority list?


Right now our priority is to stabilize the issues our community is reporting regarding server stability and performance and stuttering issues. However, we added the disappearing corpse report on our Trello board, so you can vote for it to be prioritized over other issues we’re aware of for patching.

This is a known issue and has simple solutions. I would try any of the following. Or all of them if needed.

  1. Find a location near your death marker and log out of game. If marker is missing, hopefully you remember where your death occurred.
  2. Find your death location and safely navigate a couple of clip planes away ( a good sprint away from the death). Then return.
  3. Randomly try to loot the ground.
  4. Wait until you body decays and pops out your loot bag. Best to have a back up armor/weapon for this and an escape plan if what killed you is near by.

Swiped the FAQ/Forum before posting and tried everything I found about the issue, nothing worked this time. Anyways, If you care about the issue, vote else ignore :slight_smile:

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on here. 2 years into the game you just now gonna add “finding corpse” to the vote list… This shouldve been fix 2 years ago … Dont you think this is a game breaking bug in a survival game ? Really???

Personally, I understand your frustration and find myself feeling the same way sometimes.

Trello is a relatively new device, though, and an important tool. It gives the devs further feedback on prioritization and helps them cater to our needs.

Please note that prior to Trello, there was a list which probably contained exactly what was experienced, we just couldn’t see or impact it. It was prioritized in with the rest of the development and fixes internally and never bubbled to the top.

By the way, my issues never bubbled to the top either, but I take that with a grain of salt and remember they are working on items that affect the most people.

We do the same thing, prioritize. I chose to spend my money on this game instead of several thousand others, and feel it was well spent.


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