Character Dies and Bodies Not Lootable Or Not Able to Find Them To Loot When You Die

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Game mode: Official PvE Server 1504
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link:

When you die sometimes you go back to your body and either can’t loot your stuff back or your body is not showing to be able to loot it, therefore you lose everything from your inventory and are constantly losing time and effort because of this bug. Sometimes your dead body will just disappear and doesn’t even show up on your map where you died either. It got so frustrating this evening the other 2 people I was playing with just gave up and logged out. We don’t mind losing our stuff on death, but for the love of Pete please fix it so that when we do make it back to our bodies they are there and we can loot them properly. Please fix this. Thanks.

Repro steps:

  1. Die
  2. Run back to body and hope you can loot it or even see it to loot it.
  3. Get frustrated when you can’t repeatedly and just give up an log out and hope this gets fixed.

ya , i noticed that too , but u can log out and log in so u r body appears and sometimes u need more than 1 log out and log in until u see ur body

It would help a lot if they work on this issue about not recovering what we lost. Either fixing vanished corpses and making the body of the Player lasting for at least a day when not looted. Today I had the infinite death and loading screen bug, and could come back after couple hours, of course, my body isnt there anymore. -_-


We tried that too but by the time we could get back in server from waiting because it was full, body was no where to be seen still.

Had this happen to me too. Bring a friend sometimes they can see the body.
Even if you can’t see the body it is still there. Run around looking at the ground and press E where you died and you can get lucky and click your invis body

Same happens just before a while. Found body on death location, yet inventory empty. Happens twice today,both online/sp.

Happened to me today.
Got killed quiet close to my bedroll, respawned, corpse was there but not lootable.
Corpse nowhere to be seen.
Relogged twice afterwards.
Still nothing.

Server: PS4 Official #3000

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Happened to me today in a private server. Reached the place I died, couldn’t find the body. PC here.

Three occasions its happened to me now… very frustrating … grind grind grind to get the gear and in an instance its gone. Its happened no on rock formations, normal terrain and the last one was in water… Really makes you feel like returning to WOW

But in WoW you just had to run to your corpse. Nothing of your stuff was lost.

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Exactly, all the effort of grinding no penalization for taking the odd risk. Don’t get me wrong I think CEX is a great game with a bright, healthy and long life but losing everything just gets my dander!!! Take a random item YES but this just hurts.

This bug is so frustrating. 3 times It has happened to me. 1 time I was able to find it but only by dying twice more. The last time, I was fully geared for a discovery expedition (lvl 35). Poisoned, died and body not found, 3 days of prep with newly created exceptional steel weapons, steel tools, Stygian armour and dust proof headgear (30 steel) gourmet oven cooked food and shipload of hard earned stuff. Died 2 more times by Dafari poison whilst naked looking for it. Logged out, logged in, all 3 bodies gone. I was so angry, rage quit… Such a great game tho.

Relog until your body is visible, and wait for funcom to care enough to fix this…

:joy: does seem that way at times Prologue but I’m sure they care and read these threads. It would be really good if they were acknowledged once in a while. Just to add salt to the wound after losing my body and all that hard earned gear. I retired to my main structure remade it all again did a iron run to top up, went hone and logged off for the night. Just been back on to find myself naked, and my entire structure stripped of every resource :scream::dizzy_face::scream: after throwing my keyboard at the cat and kicking the dog I have decided to solo/coop play for a while to let them recover.

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I ment when this had higher prio :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for the confusion

I had a similar bug - I died and when I tried to find my corpse the map marker was way off target. I had died in sand going north and the map marker was quite a way into the grassland area of the North. I was unable to locate corpse and lost a lot of things as a result. I hope all these death and corpse looting bugs get fixed soon :*(

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I have been experiencing this a lot - most frustratingly usually following a death due to teleporting rhinos. Last night I died three times within a stone’s throw of home, and after a casual 30 second walk back, my body was nowhere to be found, each time. Each time it took nearly thirty minutes of relogging and/or leaving and re-entering the area to get it to pop up.

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We will say that we have had the issue of the corpse disappearing multiple times, though we’ve been lucky enough to log out and back in to then have the corpse re-appear (one friend of ours on our server was not so lucky though). I will say though that we have lost several prospective interns (thralls) once they were bound and being dragged. Somehow they just ended up getting swallowed by the ground. Ever since then, we have been so anxious about the process because we’re a bit afraid of losing them.

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