Body issues - corpse bugs

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Game mode: Private Testlive
Problem: Bug
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Yet another dead body issue report, sorry - but several times when one of us died, we could not see our bodies and the others could, and/or, we could not loot our own bodies but others could. In one case, my friend’s body disappeared utterly, none of us could see it, despite ranging the death spot and returning to the area. Also, I died in the water once and there was absolutely no way to loot the body. Was only saved by my body reappearing magically for the others on shore (not for me, for me it was still in the water).

Pretty frustrating bug, especially in the second to last case where the gear was just… gone.

Repro steps:

  1. Get killed somehow
  2. Return to find body
  3. Get sad because body is either not there at all for you, or not lootable for you
  4. Feel better if your friends are able to see the body and get your stuff for you (optional step, may or may not be available)

Yupp this happens a lot for me and my friends. Most of the time we can still fund the body by running around in the area where the body was and spamming E but sometimes it’s just gone