Terrible bugging Can't find body after dying

You need to fix your piece of trash game…Every time I die I can’t find my body. Yes I relog dozens of times, and its still never there. This is frustrating as hell…ESPECIALLY when you’ve farmed things for hours…Give me my items back in game that the bugging cheated me out of or give me a refund. This game is the buggiest game I’ve ever played before.

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You body will be there, wait for it to decay and drop the items.

Also suggest not holding items on you after “hours” of farming. Anything can cheat you of your items.

So many bugs and nobody cares… the devs are in vacation on our money so don’t bother them. Buy more dlcs maybe so their vacation to be better and thank you back with 0 assistance and endless bugs in return!

It’s not normal to find a way to fight with bugs, it’s normal for bugs to be repaired btw! I don’t need to wait for my but but come and pick it up and continue my things!