Body decays in less than 15 min? Body disappearing?

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This is an amazing game, but it is SO INFURIATING. Playing PvE and I died to a berserker and went to get my body and it was gone. I logged out multiple times and it never returned. I quit the game and logged back on, and EVERYTHING WAS Decayed! \All that time, erased. This is the second time my items decayed over 15-20 min. Please explain, please help.

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Hey Timmy , the body disapearance is not intended before at least 20 minutes , but past that time it is normal for it to vanish (become a lootbag ) and said lootbag also has a timmer before vanishing of 2 to 3 minutes . The best way to find your body back is first remember exactly where you died ( but sometimes your body is on the edge of something and just sled down ) , also on the map ( you can open with “m” ) there should be a gravestone locating " approximatively " your body . Dying is always a race to go get back your body/loot before you loose everything to decay ( and on pve-C & pvp servers also the other players that might see your dead body and loot you ) . I’m sorry if you feel frustrated of this mechanic but it brings a real don’t die or cry feeling that is good for a survival game . I hope my answer will help you better understand what’s happening !

Hey @timmythemic22

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
If playing in single player, you can adjust the settings so the loot bag stays longer or your inventory is kept after death should that make the experience a little less frustrating.
Thanks for the feedback.

It did not, Kanza. I am saying that my body was not where the map marker was. They body disappeared and was impossible to recover, which is a glitch. This is problematic.

sometimes you cant see your own body, but if your with someone they might be able to see it… sometimes logging out and back in can fix it for you as well if you are within the timers mentioned above.

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Yeah this happens sometimes ( mostly npc’s that I knock out ) and it’s an annoying redering bug , going out of rendering distance and comming back can make it reapear or as mentioned above having a friend can help or log out and back .

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