After Death - Body Being Looted or Disappearing Immediately (PVE-Official Server-Isle of Siptah)

i was killed by an npc. i respawned on my bed at my base that was within the same map block. i went back to find another player there and my body/loot was gone. there was no grave symbol on the map. this is the second time this has happened since the Sorcery update. both times there was another player around so I’m not sure if there’s a bug letting them loot my body or if the body is just disappearing. incredibly frustrating either way.

How busy is the server? Basically there really isn’t anything that can be done since it’s pve-c. If you aren’t liking that, I would encourage you to switch to PvE only.

The main issue is that dead bodies are low light beacons and so if it’s dark, it’s obvious where the body is. Plus it someone is looking at the player list and you pop off and on, it’s a clear indicator that you died so they could run over to you base area to investigate.

I appreciate the reply.

It is PVE only. And it was in a fairly open, beach area, in H6 so it shouldn’t have been hard to spot the death beacon. I even logged out of the game and loaded back in to see if the body/beacon would become visible but nothing.

I’ve died before and the body is there when I go back to it. The two times it hasn’t been, there’s been another player around, and it is gone. I haven’t come across someone else’s death beacon to see if it’s possible to loot it. So, again, I’m not sure if it’s being looted but with the body and beacon being completely gone it seems as such.

I’m sorry…I totally misread a “c” there. So there is no body or loot bag…sounds like they harvested your corpse for flesh and or bone and your loot pops out on a loot bag that they can access. So basically its a PvE work around since they can’t loot your body directly.

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in pve you cannot pick up a player’s equipment even if you destroy their body. but I think the player’s bag disappears after 10 minutes after destroying his body. but you can collect equipment from dead slaves (if I’m not mistaken). currently there is a bug. sometime .when you die your body disappears completely


If they did loot your corpse, wouldn’t it be in the Event Log? At least then you’d know if it was a bug or not. Or does PVE not bother in that case?

only for the player’s body. and the objects dropped on the ground .by the player .

unfortunately if a player steals your dead slave’s armor. the game does not identify it… (your clan’s bag has deteriorated and the following items have been lost) . and the grave of your slave does not appear on the map … (if I’m wrong, do not hesitate to say so)

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