Died outside my base, and my body disappeared

Hi o/

It’s exactly what’s in the tittle. I’m playing on server #1008, PVE on a character named Beatrice. I was fighting 2 thralls just outside my base and an angry elephant came out of nowhere and killed us 3. When I came back, there was only one body and a loot bag. But those were the two thralls. My body was nowhere to be found. I ran on a really big radius and checked everything and nothing. I didn’t have much with me but all my weapons and armor are gone now…

Is this a bug or did I do something wrong??

Thank you in advance,

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It’s definitely a bug, it’s happened to us repeatedly yesterday and tonight and it’s so bad the two other people I was playing with this evening refuse to come back and play until it’s fixed. :frowning:

Same, I noticed certain angles it would appear. So it had fallen under the map. A bit later it was lootable.

It happened to me as well if you know where you did you can walk around looking at the ground.when you pass over your body you can see your items and still loot your body I have had to do it a couple times. So your body is there just invisible.

Relogging or leaving and returning to the area should make the bodies visible again. Anything that makes things in that area re-render for you.

I tried that it didn’t work for me I just happened to go over my body and seen inventory pop up.