PvE lootable body?

I just died on a PvE dedicated public server and someone was able to loot my body. Took my stuff and then dropped it all right in front of me… server setting DOESNT allow anyone but yourself to loot corpse.

PvE-Conflict servers have pvp hours where it would be possible.
Dont know which region you are in, else it could be a bug.

not a PvE conflict server its just a regular one, it must be a bug.

This is something we’re looking into fixing for a future update. Thank you for the report!


If you die and someone else finds your dead body before you do, they can harvest your corpse and then whatever stuff was on your body goes into a loot bag. The loot bag can be looted by anyone.

If you log out unconscious somewhere and enemies can reach you, someone can kite an enemy to you, have the enemy kill you and then do the above to get your loot.

That’s exactly how they’re doing it. This is something that will have to be fixed in an update. Thanks for the additional info.

This seems to be fixed now.

You can still harvest another players dead body, but their loot bag gives a message of “you cannot loot this”

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