Bug - Disapearing body after death

Game mode: [Online PVE
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Ive made some points about this in general, should have posted it here.
Problem players incl me often experience is that when you die, release and run to where you died the body is gone. Poof.

Comments from players and personal experience. Sometimes it works to either relog, run far away, place a bedroll at where the body should be and removing bracelet to res in desert, and again to res at bedroll where body is supposed to be.

But quite often the body is just gone. 4 times I’ve had to completely abandon it and farm mats and gear up again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die
  2. Run to where corps is.

Relog helps and the body is back again but it is a bug and must be solved ASAP because of most server at the moment 40/40 full and a relog is often not possible in time till body disappears forever