FIX the dead body disappearing bugs please!

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Die ur body

Most of the time its not there or disappears or is invisible, and you need to log out and relog to find, sometimes more than once !

Yes, death in singleplayer is painfully broken. Game breaking broken. Ive literally spent the past 2 days of my play sessions just trying to run back to my bodies or just trying to find them. in one case my body was 500 feet in the air. had to use the flying cheat to retrieve the 10 hours worth of work and gear on my body. Only to die and have to do it all over again. its a very very bad experience, im actually losing the motivation to even try playing it anymore.

I believe that this issue is impacting both Single Player and Online play.

If you die, note very carefully where it is your body has fallen. Watch for landmarks, rocks, etc. Then, go back to that spot to try and recover your body. If your body is there - great. You’ve gotten your stuff back. If your body is not there, there is still hope. Your body is there - it’s just invisible as it’s not rendering on your client. I believe that Funcom has addressed this bug, and the patch is currently on TestLive. Some things to try for recovery of an invisible corpse container:

  • Invite a friend, and get that friend to join you at your death spot. See if your body renders for them.

  • E key spam the spot on the ground where you died. Despite you not being able to see your body container, it is there. If you E key in the correct spot, it will open your body container, and you can collect your things.

  • Try walking away from the area where you died, and then return. I don’t know the distance, exactly, but it needs to be far enough away to where the objects in that chunk will get unloaded from the client memory, so that they can re-load upon your return. One suggestion that I have read is to put down a bedroll, bracelet pull (die), respawn in the desert, bracelet pull again (die), and then chose your bedroll location. I have not actually performed this, but I have seen reports by others where this has worked.

  • Last resort: Get yourself a skinning knife, and spam the area where you died. If you cannot manage to find your body with the E key, spamming the ground with the skinning knife will destroy your corpse if you can hit it. Then, your inventory contents will pop into a loot bag. Just make sure you loot this quickly as the loot bag will not persist indefinitely.

Good luck recovering your stone tools and hemp. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Edit: Other note - the gravestone marker does not always accurately reflect the spot where you died. Just keep this in mind if it leads you astray.

Today, the enemy archer shot me, standing on the very edge of the cliff. When I killed him, a stupid “dance combat” animation threw me off the cliff, the body fell into the shallow water(black galleon “river”). The marker did not appear on the map, the body disappeared. Relog or E spam did not help. Fortunately, this was my own server and I just restored a backup. Then I turned off the loss of items after death. Yes, it worsened the gaming experience, but I’m not going to suffer because of game bugs that no one is going to fix.

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