Disappearing dead body/Falling out of map

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia]

I’m playing on a friend’s server. I have more than 200 ping so this might be one of the causes of this problem. The bug is that when I die majority of the time I can’t find my body on where I died. I was right in front of my base, near the pirate area. I was trying to knock out a level 3 thrall fighter with two handed hammer. It killed me in front of my house so I just thought “Oh well I can just pick it right back up.” But when I went out my body isn’t there. I tried to relog because it might just be a syncing issue. Before the world loads I see my body falling out of the map, after the map loads its not there anymore. I tried running as far away as I think the render distance can render, came back and its still not there. Relog after a few hours just to make sure and its gone, even the death icon on my map. This is seriously getting annoying, always losing my hard earned stuff, always have to grind back the items that I had. This always happens if you died climbing, near a wall or underwater.

Maybe adding a floating orb where you EXACTLY died so you can loot your items from that orb instead of the buggy ragdoll that disappears randomly. I’ve put a negative review for now because this game has tons of others bugs including the first boss on the sewers that disappears from your screen but can still hit you. For a commercial release this has to be worst than the company b******a released games.

I really want to love this game for its unique combat system and boss fight but the game breaking bugs just won’t end.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die in an uneven ground. Sometimes happens on plain ground as well.
  2. Looks for your dead body.
  3. Found out its either under the world, out of sync or fell out of the world.
  4. Grind whole day again to get your stuff back then if you died you lose everything again.