That'll be the tenth time I've had to re craft everything

Game mode: [Online server 1950
Problem: [Bug
Region: [anywhere

Wow man, sick of my corpse not existing when I die. I now have to waste another hour crafting all my gear not to mention finding the ingredients, instead of enjoying the game… If I can get back into it.
I tried the old log out and back in job and my spots gone…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2.look for body
3.shout expletives
4.mash keyboard and log out.

  1. Perhaps you guys could put keep inventory back on until you have fixed this issue. Its really impacting my, and I’m sure many others, enjoyment of the game.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest…
I feel better now.


This happens to me but in co-op. Often invisible to me, often invisible to me and host, often can’t be found at all.

Hi there,

This issue has been reported to the development team. I don’t have a time frame as to when this issue will be fixed but it is currently being investigated and will hopefully be fixed soon.


Thank you for the response.
I’m glad its being worked on.
You may also want to look into corpses being harvestable by other players.
You can’t loot other player corpses, but a few people on this server have discovered that sometimes you can harvest them and steal all the loot that way.

Thank you.