Farewell Exiles - Last Straw

Game Mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: NA-EAST

There is clearly still a bug in which your corpse disappears almost immediately, as it has happened to me AGAIN tonight on official server 1651. It’s sickening that a bag of trash items I dropped hours earlier can hang around annoyingly long but a body with potentially every important item you own (in my case, one of each T4 crafter, over 4k steel fire and 3k tar, multiple stacks of alchemical base and corrupted stone, epic armor sets, weapons and star metal tools) can vanish without a trace almost immediately.

PLEASE FIX THIS. There is zero reason to make corpses disappear this quickly. And when they do disappear, make a loot bag appear afterward with the items for even longer! You make it so that encumbrance means nothing with points into it, yet it’s too risky to carry large amounts of items because of disappearing corpses!

I have over 900 hours into this game and yet I can’t stomach to invest a single second longer now because of all of the I lost tonight.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
2.Kill yourself
3.Lose all of your progress
4.Quit the game


Funcom devs ate complete tards

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Tards don’t taste so good, they wouldn’t have eaten all of them surely?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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Also, sorry OP, didn’t mean to hijack your heartfelt venting with my lame humour.

Yeah, it really sucks when something like that happens. My condolences. Private servers can turn that off or mod it out. Maybe, once time passes and if you feel like playing again you could try a private server that addresses this problem so you’d never have to worry about it again. Or maybe one day Funcom will fix it.

i dont like private servers.

body is 30 minutes (i think ) to despawn… so how long you need to pick it up ?

Well, Ruinous may not like them either. Still, it’s an option.

The complaint though is that the corpse spawn is bugged so that it’s despawning ‘almost immediately’.

Did you see it vanish in front of your eyes @Ruinous? Or maybe this could be another instance of the corpse failing to load, which is a very commonly experienced bug. If so, you could try the workarounds for this bug.

  1. Log out and log back in.

  2. Leave the area & return, so that the chunk of map in which your corpse is in reloads.

  3. Try to mine the spot you died at with a pick (apparently sometimes works).

  4. Get to high ground (I have also seen mentioned as sometimes working).

Otherwise, sorry, I feels ya.


Last night, I killed an NPC, turned around and killed his buddy, then turned back to look at the first body… It has disappeared! I didn’t go two foundation lengths away, and was turned around for maybe 15 seconds.

Don’t tell me critters are the corps in 15 seconds.

Yet another “feature” overlooked in the cough polish phase…

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That happens all the time, better get used to it, and looting before going to next!

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This bug is common, all you have to do is relog to see your body back

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