Corpses disappearing

Game mode: Online + Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Any

It’s a very annoying and painful bug everyone has to deal with while playing Conan Exiles. I think it’s just the worst one, because all your possessions you were carrying just disappear. For example, I just spent a whole evening farming resources and then they all are gone: I died, body disappeared. I’m sure it wasn’t looted most times (I even died right near my bedroll to find that body just isn’t there). And it’s very common, frequent, usual I’d say, it even happens in soloplay. For me it’s the most critical bug that ruins the whole experience from playing the game. And I believe not only for it is.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die with some items in inventory
  2. Try to find corpse with your belongings
  3. If found, loot it and repeat step 1 until you can’t find it
  4. Sometimes your items can appear after some time as a loot sack (or even body reappears), sometimes not.

Same happened to me earlier today; died falling off a cliff, went back to the area where my tombstone was, but couldn’t find my corpse. A relog didn’t work either…

ffs annoying losing all the stuff I was carrying…

Keep relogging and your body will likely reappear. It’s there… it’s just a rendering issue.

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if you run far away the body can aper. sometimes

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Or find another player to come to the location, often they can see it and get your loot for you.

I’m pretty sure that it’s not always just rendering issue, because sometimes even the mark on the map keeps teleporting here and there (once it teleported out of the barrier even). And sometimes body can just fall down from the sky in a position somehow distant from the one I died at.
By the way, I also feel the relogging can make it worse actually - I had a few cases when even body mark disappeared after relogging. So I prefer to just go far away and come back when it’s possible.
But even though despite all my efforts of making body to reappear, sometimes it’s just gone…

Not sure if this is applicable, but whenever a body, npc or human, or unconscious npc disappears, often times moving away from the area (where the game deletes that portion from the memory), and running back (computer has to reload that area into memory), then the body and unconscious npcs reappears. At least that has been my experience. (I need to move away quite far out to trigger the “reload” of the area)

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It happened to be this morning and made me loose some good gear

Hi, this has worked for me on my official server. There are more nuanced steps if a lot of enemies are around. If you are missing your corpse, remove your bracelet.