Vanishing corpses

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Any]

My clan mates and I are losing so many PC corpses. I die, and my body just vanishes, along with all my loot and gear. And that loss of gear hurts, m8y, it hurts. On occasion, reloading the game may make my corpse reappear, but typically whenever someone dies we lose the corpse.

Tonight, a new problem. I enter what I believe is the zone for the Hive Queen. I stand in the cave and fight a spider, I am kicked from the server and unable to rejoin. I exit the game, launch conan, load the current save on official server, and I respawn nekkid in the desert. My corpse marker is not visable on the map, and I cant find the corpse. My sheeit is gone forever.

PLEAAAASE. Your game is so dope but losing progress like this is so frustrating.


I can confirm.
a few days ago someone was at the door and I went to see them, forgetting to log off.
My character died from hunger or thirst and I spawned in the desert (I did have a spawnpoint nearby).
I ran to the north to the place I died. There was a death marker there, but no corpse.
Tried logging out and in again, but no body, so all gear was lost.
This is a very annoying bug indeed.


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