Loss of corpses!

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Hey Guys, awesome game!
I’m really writing here to voice my concern with the sudden unexpected “rogue’ishness” of the game, when dying, i can’t retreive my corpse every other time or so. even when there are no other corpses in the world. the marker can be placed WAY off where i died, and there is no way it can be somewhere else, since i return to kill the monsters that were the reason to my demise as soon as i respawn (within 30 seconds of death) so decay should be out of the question as well. I also waited for a night cycle to see if my “corpse-light” was somewhere … but no…
I also tried relogging a couple times, didn’t do anything. …so after dying 5 times and loosing everything i’m wearing, it’s getting annoying, and costly in grinding resources for every time… please look into this, and respond with a fix or estimated time for it, cuz this is killing the game for me, please!! thanks

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die
  2. Try to find your corpse
    3.Good luck