PvE Ability too loot!

There’s a pretty big problem that i don’t want too happen to me or anyone else, obviously you shouldn’t be able to loot another players dead corpse in PvE.

(I really don’t want too share this because i dont want anyone too get looted now)

Edit: I removed the explanation on how to do this.

Is this a glitch only for my game version?
Actuall no! My friend did it to my body. Also looted all.

Please fix this >_<

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This is just another issue that has existed since the game released on PS4. No idea about if it exists on PC.

Wish i could volunteer too help write the line for it.

Would just be disappointing to go volcano with a large group, accidentally die, and have all your stuff stolen from an unidentified.

Edit: Thanks for the welcome!

I haven’t played on PVE in a while so I don’t know if this issue exists there as well but in PVE-C, you can loot unconscious bodies.

Even outside of pvp hours.

You should report bugs you don’t want other people to abuse through Exploit Hunters.

Hey thanks! I sent a report.

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