Found an Exploit? Here's how to report it!



Dear Exiles,

We want to reward our community for bringing exploits to our attention so we can eliminate them as early as possible.

We don’t want exploits spread around the forums and social media and would appreciate them not being posted on the forums. Please be aware that we will delete posts containing descriptions of exploits. Repeatedly posting exploits will result in time-outs and eventually bans. Therefore we would like you to use Exploit Hunters instead.

If you know exactly how to perform an exploit (especially ways to cheat into bases) send us very detailed step-by-step instructions for performing it.

Please submit reports in English only. We will unfortunately not be able to process reports in other languages. We appreciate your understanding

We only need to know about ONLINE, MULTIPLAYER issues that can be done on our OFFICIAL SERVERS.

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Underwater glitch/exploit
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