Official EU Server 1100 is getting Ddossed/hacked

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The Server 1100 EU, PvP official crashes every 5-10 minutes. People assume, it could be Ddossing/hacking cy recently banned cheaters as revenge for the ban. However, it is impossible to play these times on 1100 and People are getting more and more angry about that….and the Anger is not directed versus the hackers but versus Fun Com.

Fun Com, you could at least write some sentences like, we are aware of the problem and working on solutions…and of course bring solutions :stuck_out_tongue:

And to all hackers: F…k off and play WoW

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true , some reaction from funcom would be nice

And to the hacker, who keeps crashing the Server: In almost every country these actions are threatened by punishment law, so prepare for an “holiday on public expenses”.

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