Bug/Glitch abuse: Where to report?



Hi there,

i was searching a bit but i only found the page to report exploids for bounty. Is there a was to report players/clans for using glitches or exploits or bugs on a official server? I mean it must be a instant answer but only a place to tell it to funcom so someone can clear one by one all the glitch-bases up to the time a patch comes and closes the glitch forever.
Where can i do that? I Know it must be good documented and some screenshots are a must to substantiate it. There is nothing in the FAQ about and the only link to “report a bug” is a 404 not found.
If anyone knows it would be nice to see an answer in here. :slight_smile:


Sadly, there is nothing that will be done about people that exploit. Funcom doesnt police their servers. Best thing I can say is post pictures in here, name them and explain what they are doing. Maybe, some players would go to that server and help with the exploiters. Best of luck.


It’s in the Players Helping Players section only (For some reason):


This is the correct way to report exploits. Make sure you provide as much information as possible and include steps if you know how it works.


Exploit Hunters is only to explain new exploits, not to report such people who use known Exploits. I mean it is not new to build in some glitches but you can’t raid them so your stuff is lost in there, i think. Especially if you are not willing to use the exploits too. So what can i do?
Other players also have to break the rules they acceptet in the terms of use. So my only option is nothing and see anything burn until a patch is coming whitch closes the glitch and deletes anything in it, right?


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