Gamebreaking Bugs, please Funcom read this

Hello! First of all I want to say how much I love this game and every aspect of it.

So I hope you understand how important this topic is to prevent the game from being unplayable.
With that said I want to apologize in advance in case my english isn´t clear enough.

A friend who only speaks russian contacted me because on his server people are abusing several exploits, bugs and glitches, we are talking about gamebreaking bugs that I don´t want to talk too much about in case the wrong people read this.

From duping and hiding god coins, to infinite stamina, bleeding applied to weapons that don´t have it, to invisibility and instant kill.
We are hoping that we can share with a developer every single bug in order to fix it, there are multiple and if we make a video people will start breaking servers with those.
So please, any Funcom developer that can at least take 10 minutes to talk to us on Discord, we will show you how every bug works and how to replicate them, so you can fix the game and if possible bann the players that are already abusing these glitches.

We want to call Funcom´s attention but not in the wrong way, if we make every single bug a video we are convinced that multiple servers will be unplayable because players will abuse those bugs, and we would be destroying what we wanted to fix.

You can contact me through here or to the links on youtube and discord that I sent through a private Ticket.

Thank you in advance, I hope we call all fix this game together.


Hey @gaboclick,

You can still make videos and submit them by using the exploit hunters form. You don’t have to make them public:

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