Found Exploit to get 50 points in every skill stat on official servers

My tribe has had info on how to do a glitch that maxes every stat to 50 at any level. We have tested on official and it does work. I have not seen anything about it anywere else and as it sits only 4 others know how to recreate it on offical.

My reason coming forward is it makes us near invincible and it is pretty broken. I dont know if i should post it publicly to force a patch faster or PM a Dev. I did it by accident over 3 weeks ago and we figured out how to recreate it a week later.

I would love a dev response.

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Please add the bug tag to this post

More likely to draw some dev attention. Posting as general will take longer for it to be read

what u mean the big tag.

Post it up, let’s have some fun

Sorry bad typing

Support/ bug tag

Currently only showing as general discussion

Also it’s best not to post how to replicate this as this would lead to some big issues and may not be a quick fix

Post it on the exploithunter site, dont post it in the forum!

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Thanks NoxX I completely had forgotten about that

Much better than sharing this with everybody only to ruin more games

Even just knowing its possible will lead to others foguring it out. Im guessing it has to do with resetting the points and increasing them while disconnected for a moment or something crazy like that.

Lets have fun. Its just a game and its a buggy one at that. Is anyone actually taking it so serious it matters when considering all the other bugs that can be exploited?

Just my opinion but I will br having fun until more patches makes things more secure and fairer anyway.

As stated, please use to share your findings and do not share them publicly.

Additionally, for comments asking for shares, please don’t :slight_smile:

Reporting exploits is really appreciated, thank you very much.
I’ll close this so I don’t have to slap any fingers wanting to cash in on the exploit, alright?