All 50 Stat BUG

Online Official Servers.
Currently there is a bug out there to get all 50 stats of every bracket. People explained how to achieve this by watching a video. This video goes into detail about using a yellow potion and a controller for PC to make all stats accessible, without any sacrifice in any specific tree. It requires a yellow potion and a crontroller (xbox, steam, PlayStation). People have been abusing this on a particular server, so a patch may be needed to fix the issue and not cause it to be ‘game changing’. Any feedback or help would be much appreciated. All the best, Make Conan Great Again!

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They are fully aware of this glitch for a few weeks now. It is ruining the game for PVP servers

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there is too many thread about this glitch, it will start to be confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously, no word from funcom about this and all other glitch.

glitch / exploit should not wait big patch to be deployed

In reality this game has never left early access stage.

Sorry, I’m getting salty here. When you love something you get very frustrated when it dissappoints you (and yeah, that’s what she said…).
I know that bugs and exploits happen and all testing can not make up for thousands of people messing around and finding a glitch. I just wish stuff like this could get hotfixed really fast, but I also know that fixes often mess up more stuff…arrrrr…it is frustrating sometimes. :frowning:

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This bug has been fixed on testlive. It will hit live in a few days. This thread has no purpose now.

All bug reports on the official bug report forum have a purpose until a funcom employee answers them or until there is a public buglist.


We’ve answered about this in a couple of places. We unlist some threads though since discussion on how to reproduce exploits isn’t something we allow. But yeah, a fix for this is coming in the patch to live.

Those statеments should be read as “we unlist those threads as we want our lovely cheaters to keep their edge and to stay on top of the others, as we don’t give a F**K to the other players”…

That is it… Huge, huge issues and nothing adequate as a measures against them.
ARK now have their Code of conduct, after years of experience, but no Funcom rather want to invent the wheel by their own or to protect some players having edge on the others by using glitches and exploits…

At the end - they took our money - why to care.
Of course - will fix some of the issues, but will provide their beloved cheaters with other ways to get edge.