( fix ) +50 all stats glitch

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code in a simple security loop that goes off every so often, any char that has above the max stats will automatically loose all stats as if they took a yellow lotus potion.


its all over youtube right now!! smh on how to do it

This exploits been around since February of this year. Not really keeping my hopes up about when they’ll fix it. At most they will take a shotgun approach and wipe everyones stats until they can find a legit fix for it.

The game is still an ALPHA game straight to launch, so again I’d take the early access warning to heart here and sit back while they still work on their game, after releasing some DLCs of course.

they say they fixed it this update ( coming later today )

my clan will test it and see if it is fixed after the patch goes through

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Could also just set a cap the maximum attribute points that a character can have. So even if they use a yellow lotus they will never have over so-so attribute points.

They are running test for it on the test servers atm…

It should be fixed in the patch coming later today!

I really hope they do this :smiley:

there is already a cap… the method tricks the server due to not having in security code added into the game whats so ever…

I think there is a xp and level cap, but not a attribute cap. You can’t level up to level 61+ (even with admin status). So whatever the cap for attributes is make it so if someone has more then ### amount of points, auto bring it back down to cap.

the way the glitch worked was by flooding the server. you have a set amount of points to use… but using this glitch you assign points faster then the server realizes your over your cap.

Question, since I haven’t done this glitch at all, do you keep the attribute points if you use a yellow lotus potion? Or would you have to do the glitch all over again?

sorry won’t give out direct info on glitches on the forums mate. or in PM’s go to youtube and learn how to do it… ( if its still able to be done… )

Fair point. I don’t intend to use this, I think it’s horrible (fyi). I was just curious if you kept attribute points because if you do keep the extra points if you use a yellow lotus then there needs to be a counter that will knock it back down to normal if there is more attributes then what they should have.