Level 60 and only 379 attributes point of 390

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Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug |Performance
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [USA server 8055 ]

Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

Title says it all

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Any admins out there

Bump still have issues

Just asking if it after using yellow lotus potion? Or did you add up your attributes point?

I noticed after using beastiual memory potion was reperking to do some harvesting and the stats where naked stats

Okay will try it out see if it happen to me as well.

Did it in single player, only manage get 389 point by level 60

but if level up one more time to 61 i have gotten another 12 point

So I am feeling something fell out of place with the leveling system as I am unable to return to lvl 0.
But using the beastial memory potion at lvl 60 would give back 389 point.
Might be different bug with official server. Once I gotten another character in official will try again.

Don’t really know but it so annoying not to be able to perk like you need to. We need an admin to just check my char and fix it I should not have to play handicap